Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cellular Phone may damage or harm your sperm

Future dads, beware! Using a cellphone may harm your sperm, report Cleveland Clinic scientists. They found that men who talked on their mobiles for two hours a day or more shot 31 per cent fewer swimmers. Phone frequencies may either heat body tissue, disrupting sperm production, or create harmful free radicals. “Take your phone out of your pocket when you can,” says study author Ashok Agarwal, PhD. “It may still emit harmful frequencies in standby mode.”

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Getting rid of body hair,0.jpg
Hair Removal

Getting rid of body hair is no criterion for judging the sexual orientation or ethnicity of a man, though many people associate men of certain professions only getting rid of their excess body hair, like strippers, actors, bodybuilders or cyclists.

The fact is that excess fuzz is out and even if there is some pain associated with traditional methods like sugar waxing (involves spreading hot wax onto the area where you want to eliminate hair, applying a strip of cloth that is rubbed in and ripped off in a smooth motion to rid hair from the root) and electrolysis, (using laser treatment of hair removal), men all over America and other parts of the world are looking to get the smooth operator look. For faint heart never won a lady – and neither did the Bushman look make a fashion statement for look, if at all it did - and so, from waxing backs to bikini lines, the hope for increased appeal to the opposite sex, is getting men to the salons in droves, today for trying out various methods of hair removal.

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Secret that will make a relationship trigger

So what is the secret that will make a relationship trigger in a positive sort of a way? Why do so many guys find their lady loves turning away from them and shutting them out once they confess their feelings for her? IS there something that women know that men don’t? Probably yes. Many people feel that telling a gal you are trying to get one step up the ladder in your relationship and get some sort of control over her. This is strict no-no and will backfire on you.

What the gal really does know all along is your feelings for her only you never get to know. Call it her sixth sense if you may, but it is true. You never really have to tell her outright that you like her in a romantic sort of a way. She does want to hear it from you but only AFTER she has made her feelings known to you. She does not want you to take the initiative. Perhaps she will send you signs to give you the go-ahead, but if you take the initiative it is going to back fire 99 percent of the time.

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What Is A Sabbatical

Well for the uninitiated a sabbatical is nothing more than taking an extended holiday from work without your employer actually showing it as a break in service. A sabbatical typically lasts for a period of 2 months ore maybe more. These breaks may or may not be paid breaks but it all depends on the employer and the policies of the firm or company.

Taking a sabbatical is a great way to make time for yourself and your family by taking an extended break away from work. Now a sabbatical may even affect any promotion that you may have been in line for, so before deciding on opting for a break, talk it over with your boss.

Many employers offer sabbaticals as a reward to employees who have completed a certain number of years with the firm. One company the Guardian Media Group is known to allow employees an entire month off with pay every fourth year of service. Another company the John Lewis Partnership offers employees who complete 25 years of service 6 months of paid leave with all benefits thrown in as if they were on duty during their sabbatical.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If he want you in your arm

Chances are, you had a sex dream this week. Fully eight percent of
our dreams involve sexual situations, according to a new study from
psychologists at the University of Montreal in Canada.

Interestingly, women have just as many sex dreams as men, with one
important difference: Men are far more likely to have fantasies about
sex with imaginary people, while women dream about current or past
sexual partners, as well as celebrities,

“Men used to report many more sex dreams, twice as many as women, and
we don’t find that difference anymore,” . “Either women are having them more, or
they’re more likely to report them. Either way, it’s interesting. “

Even though sex dreams are very common, psychologists haven’t paid
much attention to them. For this study, the team asked 109 women and
64 men ages 20 to 89, all of whom responded to an ad about the
research project, to keep a diary of their dreams for as long as one
month. The total number of dreams exceeded 3,500.

What do we dream about?

– The most common sex dream involved sexual intercourse, followed by
flirting, kissing, fantasies and masturbation.

– Four percent of sex dreams among men and women resulted in an

– 18 percent of women’s sex dreams involved unwanted sex, compared
with just five percent of men.

– Nine percent of sex dreams among women and five percent among men
involved fantasies about celebrities.

– Men were far more likely to dream about having sex with more than
one person.

– Four percent of women’s dreams featured a partner having an
orgasm. None of the men reported this dream.
if you dream about something, it probably
occupies your waking thoughts as well. “If the sex dreams tend to
involve unknown or fantasy characters, it is probably a reflection of
your waking state, that your desires and fantasies are with

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5 Things You Didn't Know: Condoms

In an effort to give their profile a boost, we took a look at five things you didn’t know about condoms.

1- Condoms have appeared in cave paintings

2- Condoms used to be available only by prescription

3- The oldest rubber condoms date back to 1855

4- Condoms have been sold in vending machines since 1928

5- Invisible condoms may be next

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London Fashion Week Pictures

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